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Oils - A Gift From Heaven

Oils - A Gift From Heaven

There’s a reason the ancients treated plants with equal respect as themselves, teaching that plants are true gifts from heaven that are far more important to our species than just decoration and food.

There’s a deep, mysterious, profound connection between plants and human consciousness. To paint a quick picture, think about it like this... Plants create their fragrance from the soil, and the process in which they do that is directly dependent on the sun, moon, and stars. When we breathe in the fragrance of a plant, essentially exchanging breaths with it, substantial neurological changes occur in our brain, directly affecting the way we perceive reality. And the way we perceive reality dictates our decision-making, in turn, influencing the creation of reality. It’s a constant cycle that, if we make the decision, can help purify our world by using plants as a partner to do so.

According to many studies, unpleasant odors, many of which arise from conditions of poverty, hunger, war, violence, ignorance, lack of sanitation, and toxic pollution, directly affect the way we think and feel. Simply put, negative odors equal negative emotions, such as unhappiness, agitation, aggression, and dullness of the human mind. Not only that, but you can easily see the correlation between negative odors and lower levels of consciousness.

But on the flip side, this proves that pleasant smells are correlated with conditions of environmental stewardship/ecological balance, sanitation/cleanliness, and social/spiritual well-being. You can almost say that pleasant smells are the breath of health and the scent of vitality, causing a massive increase in general human happiness. A sign of higher levels of consciousness.

Why is this all important?

Well, because humanity, at the moment, is creating more weapons than we are creating more environments that produce plants. Environments that produce and cultivate some of the most beneficial fragrances like lavender, rose, and neroli. These fragrances promote peaceful sleep, the reduction of stress and tension, the calming of anxiety and nervousness, the reduction of irritation and anger, and most importantly, they help to keep our minds free from fearful thoughts that ultimately lead to depression and stagnation. We do not need more disease-causing, toxic chemicals, and mutated biological creations that only lead to more suffering for humanity. With the studies coming out today and the transparency that social media has allowed (one of the few good aspects of it), it’s quite clear to see how the rapid creation of these toxic chemicals has rapidly begun to sink our societies... Around the world.

Think about how much more evolved humanity would be if we were all emotionally open, calm-minded, spiritually strong, emotionally brave, open to intimacy, and collectively in support of truthful communication. It would be a substantially more beautiful world, right?

Well... You guessed it. The vast selection of fragrances that plants offer us—like gifts from heaven—vividly help to make us more in tune with those values. It’s no wonder the ancients were more spiritually connected than we are now.

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