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I created our gorgeous Jasmine + Green Tea Face Mist for my friend Marianne. She needed something to help calm and soothe redness on her face. These two ingredients are known for their intensively soothing properties and can help relieve redness on all types of skin. It was a challenge to source this mist specifically because of my high quality standards. But I found a wonderful co-op in rural India who produce the jasmine and a community in central China who grow the green tea. Not only does this amazing product really help your skin, it really balances out your chakra and energy. I even sometimes just spray this around my bed to get that magical, mystical scent all around me.

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Jasmine + Green Tea Face Mist - Delune
Jasmine + Green Tea Face Mist - Delune

Jasmine + Green Tea Face Mist


Jasmine + Green Tea Face Mist

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Coconut extract

Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Hydrosol

Jasmine has been used for hundreds of years to rejuvenate, hydrate and deeply nourish the skin. Distilled from thousands of petals, Jasmine Water soothes and reduces redness for calm, glowing skin. 

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract

Loaded with powerful antioxidants which are vital for your skin, Green Tea helps to rid toxins, making it a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It helps protect against environmental damage, leaving skin youthful, healthy, and glowing. 

Rose petals

About Delune

Delune, an all-star organic brand for sensitive skin, was founded by Luigi Masi in 2018. Luigi was formally working for an airline when he felt his creative calling. After living with reactive, super sensitive skin for years, he started making the amazing products that eventually turned into Delune. His vision is to give skin superior, non-toxic care with additional efforts to reduce packaging waste. Delune products have no outer packaging and are packaged in glass containers when possible. Love your mother(earth).

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