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100% Pure Guarantee

Across the World

The finest oils come from the places you want them to be. We work with a network of independent distributors who bring us pure, natural products spanning across indigenous plant-rich areas all around world - which means your order can be guaranteed not just once but twice!

The location of each essential oil is carefully tracked and labeled so you can be sure that it's coming from a trusted source. For example, Basil has been grown in India since time immemorial because this plant prefers warm climates with plenty of sunlight to thrive properly! You'll find out where exactly your favorite oils grow on our product details page.

Our Essential Oils are Tested!

We are one of the few companies that still receive our products directly from reputable suppliers without any middlemen involved. All oils we sell come with a certificate proving they're 100% pure, which means you know exactly what's going into your body every time!

We are passionate about providing you with the highest quality oils. That's why we purchase directly from proven distributors who provide us gas chromatography and mass spectrometry testing on all of our essential oil products, which is done in a lab to ensure purity for each batch before shipping them out - we're never going without proof! You can see this paperwork online at any time by purchasing one particular certificate (CA) if needed - it'll tell exactly how good things are.

You can be confident that we will only sell oils that meet our high standards.

Our Unique Essential Oil Process

We only receive our products directly from the producer. Every batch of oil is verified to have 100% pure, authentic ingredients using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) testing and Certificate Of Analysis tests guaranteed by an independent laboratory that follows strict standards in analysis for quality assurance purposes only!

Organically Sourced Products

No Animal Testing Ever, Ever, Ever

Ethical and Safe Suppliers

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed