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GC/MS Testing

Testing Our Oils

The most important step in the process is ensuring that our oils have not been altered or synthetically produced. This can be done by sending them to a lab for testing, which will show what's actually inside every bottle!

We at Delune take pride in the quality of our products. That is why we purchase directly from proven distributors who provide us with Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry testing on all essential oils, ensuring that they are not synthetic or adultered - in any way! Our first step for this? A lab test to verify purity before sending you out your beautiful bottle ready made just how YOU want it.

We never sell an oil that does not pass our testing. You can be confident in the quality and purity of every one you purchase from us because we're provided with an updated version of this certificate for each product, as well as access to more tools at any time - including but not limited too COA's or vacuuming tests!

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