OUR Ingredients

Care about your skin? We do too. That is why it is our duty and responsibility to select the finest sourced ingredients we can. Not just to comply with our own meticulous standards, but those that meet the highest of ethical and performance standards too.

All ingredients here at Delune are safe and have been evaluated by not only our internal team, but independents experts and scientists for use in our products. We also choose to comply with the Sephora Clean and Credo Beauty Clean specifications independently of being verified.

Starting with cultivation straight through to manufacturing, all Delune products are formulated using raw, food grade, organic, wildcrafted and natural ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. Extreme care is taken to use minimal heat in the manufacturing process, therefore preserving every vital nutrient that nature provides to us.

Aloe Vera

Argan Oil

Castor Oil




Glycolic Acid


Hyaluronic Acid



Vitamin E

Just some of the quality organic ingredients we use.
If you have questions on any of our ingredients, just ask our team.

Organically Sourced Products
No Animal Testing Ever, Ever, Ever
Ethical and Safe Suppliers
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed