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You'll feel like you're relaxing at the spa when you use our Sweet Dreams - Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I created this relaxing, sleep-encouraging formula at a time when I was stressed and struggling to get enough sleep. Knowing that we all have those mind-racing nights where, no matter how hard we try, we just can't fall asleep, I knew you probably also needed a product that could gently ease you into slumber for a more soothing, restful night. Fresh aromatics and calming essential oils come together in our Sweet Dreams spray to balance the mind and body. Soothing lavender, rose, sweet orange, frankincense and geranium instantly transform your room into a sleep sanctuary.

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Sweet Dreams Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - Delune
Sweet Dreams Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - Delune

Sweet Dreams Deep Sleep Pillow Spray


Sweet Dreams Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

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