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The Facts About Mandarin Essential Oil

The Facts About Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin oil originated in central China but that might not be known today, given that it is now cultivated throughout many Mediterranean climates. In 1805, natural historian Sir Abraham Hume brought the plant over from China to Europe, where it was initially grown in England and then introduced to Malta, Sicily, and Italy. Since its arrival in Europe, the mandarin plant has become agriculturally important in the Mediterranean Basin and is still grown in large quantities today.

Like all citrus oils, mandarin oil quickly became popular due to its light citrus scent. Much like lemon oil, it was cold pressed by hand to extract the valuable oil. The rise of herbal medicine practices created the opportunity for mandarin oil to be produced in mass, which is why the fruit was cultivated in new geographic areas.

Mandarin oil is widely known for its ability to soothe the nervous system. With its sedative properties, it effectively combats nervous tension, hysteria, and other stress-related conditions. These characteristics also make it one of the best oils to use during pregnancy. Mandarin oil will create a general harmonizing effect on the mind and body to promote a relaxing pregnancy.

Mandarin oil does more than calm the nerves. It has an excellent reputation for dealing with digestive issues within our bodies. It can increase gastric secretions to encourage better digestion and reduce flatulence. While improving the ability to digest is vital for the flow of energy in our bodies, so is the movement of lymphatic fluid. Mandarin oil also stimulates the lymphatic system to encourage proper flow and drainage throughout the body.

Another great quality of mandarin oil is that it is safe for children to use. Given that it has milder properties that are still very effective, it is a go-to when dealing with anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues for children. These properties also make it appropriate for the elderly.

Mandarin oil can also bring light to the dark and negative thoughts we may experience, especially for those who suffer from depression. The uplifting and calming effect soothes a tired and often overloaded system, allowing the good in life to shine through. When you are looking to find the joy that is deep within you, mandarin oil is the essential oil that you should be reaching for.

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